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5 Steps for Receiving Massage in Oregon From Your Motor Vehicle Accident

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If you’ve ever been in a car accident before, however “minor” it may have been, you understand the physical and mental toll it takes on your body. Even the smallest of auto accidents can have disastrous effects on the body, not only causing pain, but also taking quality time away from loved ones. And for many, prescription pills to manage pain symptoms cause internal issues as well as psychological. Massage therapy for your motor vehicle accident not only reduces muscular tension, decreases inflammation, flushes toxins, and treats sprains and strains, it also provides mental comfort by decreasing stress and pain levels. This is why receiving massage therapy after an auto accident is so important.

Here are the 5 steps you need to start receiving massage therapy for your car accident in the state of Oregon today:

Have Auto Insurance

Without motor vehicle accident insurance, not only are you making yourself financially responsible for your injuries, but also those sustained by anyone involved in the car accident. The first step in receiving massage therapy for an auto accident is to have auto insurance. This is also required by law, so you’ll be breaking the law if you don’t have it.

Active claim number

Next, you’ll want to make sure that you have an active claim number. This is how a Licensed Massage Therapist or billing specialist will bill your car insurance. As soon as you close a claim, you no longer have an active claim number and therefore are unable to receive massage therapy services that are covered by your insurance.

Doctor’s note and/or Prescription

Any medical treatments you receive must be deemed medically necessary. I’m not a doctor (yet) and I am unable to diagnose you and see whether you have any internal injuries, broken bones, or tears in the musculature, tendons, or ligaments. Having a prescription will also help me to create a customized treatment plan based on your doctor’s advice.

Find a Licensed Massage Therapist that Bills Insurance

Finding a quality Licensed Massage Therapist is one thing, but then you must make sure that they also bill motor vehicle accident insurance. Often times therapists will make you pay out-of-pocket which you can then get reimbursed from your car insurance. This is really expensive for you upfront, something most people can’t afford as they’re already taking time off work due to their injuries. It may also take months (or even years) to get reimbursed depending on if you’re working with third-party PIP plans and if you have to go to court. I make it so much easier for you, however. When you come to see me, I not only provide a quality, targeted massage for the injuries you sustained in your motor vehicle accident, but I also bill insurance directly, so you pay $0 when you come in.

Receive Massage Therapy

The final box on your check list is to receive the massage therapy and bodywork. These treatments range anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes in length and are usually twice per week for six weeks. The duration and frequency of each session will depend on your body’s ability to handle massage therapy – some people are extremely sensitive to pressure and touch after a motor vehicle accident. The frequency will depend on your doctor’s prescription as well as what your schedule allows for. My best advice here is to bite the bullet for these first six weeks and make as many accommodations as you need in order to receive the massage therapy and bodywork that you need in the acute phase. Once you reach the sub-acute and chronic stage, injuries become much more difficult to treat.


If you’ve recently sustained injuries from an auto accident, don’t wait to seek treatment. Go to your doctor today to get a prescription for massage therapy and start getting the work you need now. Your future body with thank you. Learn more by reading my other blog posts: Why I Love Working with Motor Vehicle Accident Patients, and What You Need to Know About Motor Vehicle Accident Massage and Your Auto Insurance. I’m happy to talk if you have any questions, and you can reach me at (970) 420-8422, or you can book online today!

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