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Why I Love Working with Motor Vehicle Accident Patients

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Working with victims of car accidents is the most rewarding work that I have ever done. When a motor vehicle accident patient first walks in my door, they’re usually in the most pain that they’ve ever been in during their entire life thus far. Throughout their treatment, however, I get to see their demeanor change as their pain levels decrease, their pain-free range of motion increases, and they’re able to get back to regular activities of daily living.

Throughout numerous treatments I get to see my patients progress from the worst they’ve ever physically and mentally felt to a manageable level of pain, or even pain free. I get to listen to them tell me how they’re decreasing or completely stopping their prescription painkillers as they do not need them anymore. Motor vehicle accident patients have walked in my door barely able to move their neck from side-to-side or having to move their entire trunk in order to look to the left or the right, and after a couple of targeted massage sessions, they’ve increased their range of motion by as much as forty-five degrees.

I get to guide patients through the motor vehicle accident process by not only giving them massage, but also providing them with at-home care exercises that they may not otherwise receive at other medical provider’s offices due to time constraints or knowledge. Self-care is one of the most important aspects to recovery from an auto accident, and I am confident in my skills and expertise with fitness to guide even the most beginner of patients through exercises. Finally, I can comfort them physically and emotionally as they mitigate through the sometimes frustrating and confusing legal issues, lending an ear to their concerns.

There’s something so fulfilling about working with someone who is in extreme pain and then after a one-hour targeted massage session having them leave with decreased pain, emotional and physical comfort, a sense of well-being, and increased range of motion. I know that the work that I provide not only directly impacts the patient’s physical and mental health, but also that of their family and society. If this person is feeling well and happy, then everyone that they encounter will also be positively impacted. I feel like I am really able to make a difference with motor vehicle accident patients and I’m so happy that I have the skills, knowledge, motivation, and ability to do so.

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