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6 Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Although I've been practicing massage therapy for nearly 10 years now, it still astounds me to this day when clients do not want their face and scalp massaged, or when they say that other therapists have never massaged their face and scalp. Now, some people just don't like their face and scalp touched, but many would rather have the time spent elsewhere. But, in doing so, not only are you missing out on such a wonderful experience, you're also missing some pretty important benefits of face and scalp massage.


Ever wonder how some people have a forehead line? It's because your face and scalp are covered with muscles. As we age, we tend to raise our eyebrows more often, creating a line in our forehead where that muscle, the Epicranius Frontalis, is contracted. That muscle shares an attachment site with the Epicranius Occipitalis, which, if you ever get headaches, is usually the culprit. It wraps around your skull from the top middle to the back of your neck and inserts at the occipital ridge.


If you’re a sufferer of TMJ, then getting massage on the masseters as well as the SCM (sternocleidomastoid) on the neck are going to be crucial to your recovery and well-being. Indian Head Massage focuses on the entire face, scalp, and sometimes the neck and shoulders, so these areas will no doubt get some much needed attention.

Improves Circulation

Everybody could use a little more circulation, right? Massage increases blood flow to the area being worked on, so it makes sense that if you get a face and scalp massage, you’re going to see an increase in circulation to that area. And since Indian Head Massage focuses solely on the face and scalp for up to 30 minutes, that's a lot of circulation! So what exactly does that mean, then? That means that your brain is going to get more oxygen, which will not only allow your body to combat stress more easily, but will also leave you feeling refreshed!

Relieves Eyestrain

Let’s face it, computers are a part of our everyday lives for most people. When sitting at a computer for 10 hours per day, like most people do, our eyes become strained and fatigued, as well as the muscles in our faces. Indian Head Massage relieves eyestrain through massaging the muscles surrounding the eyes and allowing the client to close their eyes for up to 30 minutes, which helps the eyes to relax as well.


Receiving Indian Head Massage is probably one of the most relaxing things you can do for yourself. And, I don’t know about you, but the more relaxed I am, the better I sleep. It helps you to reach a zen-like state of mind, which will no doubt improve your sleep quality.

Strengthens roots and hair shaft

Although you might be skeptical because of how vigorous Indian Head Massage can be at times, when done on a regular basis, it actually helps to strengthen your roots and hair shafts. Traditional Indian Head Massage uses a small amount of oil - roughly the size of a dime - on the scalp, which is beneficial for the hair for many reasons. Sesame oil is the best type of oil to use as it contains phosphorus and calcium which benefits the hair shaft. Organic olive or coconut oil are great alternatives, although you can always opt for no oil as well. The oil helps to strengthen and nourish the hair, softens the scalp which will provide for improved hair growth, and increases sebum production which conditions the hair and helps clean the pores. You may also opt to purchase Indian Head Massage specific oils that have been steeped in herbs to further any benefits received.

So the next time your massage therapist asks if you want face and scalp, be brave - say yes! You won’t regret it.

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