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What's Your Dosha?

Massage therapy and other forms of holistic health therapies are all about restoring balance to the individual. As Ayurvedic therapies become more and more prevalent in American spa culture, it has most people wondering what the heck it is. Here you'll learn about the three basic types of doshas, and you can follow the link to take a short quiz on what your lifelong dosha is, as well as another quiz to find out what your current dosha is.

The term Dosha relates to the three types of doshas that circulate throughout the body and govern physiological activity. The three doshas are:

  • Pitta

  • Vata

  • Kapha

Pitta is fiery and intense. It’s qualities include: hot, light, intense, penetrating, pungent, sharp, and acidic. Vata is very delicate. Vata qualities include: cold, light, dry, irregular, rough, moving, quick, and changeable. Kapha is content. Kapha qualities include: heavy, slow, steady, solid, cold, soft, oily.

As stated earlier, there are two quizzes for you to take. The first quiz, the Prakriti quiz, will show you what your general, lifelong constitution is. The second quiz, the Vikriti quiz, will show you what doshas you’re currently in. These doshas can change from day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year, or even by the second!

Take the Prakriti quiz here!

Take the Vikriti quiz here!

Balance is key in Ayurveda, which is why knowing what dosha you’re currently in will help you to learn how to bring balance back into your life, or sustain balance. Eventually, with enough awareness and practice, you won’t need to take a quiz to figure it out.

What’s your predominant dosha? How can you make changes to help you sustain or bring you back into balance?

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