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5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Massage Therapist

1. I get to help people feel better.

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This first point expands so much further than just physical health and wellness. I get to help people feel better internally, emotionally, and spiritually. There are very few jobs out there that allow you to do this, and massage therapy is one of them. People come to me with all different types of issues and from all walks of life. Some people have recently been through a divorce, are extremely stressed with work and kids, or are recovering from surgery. Whatever it is, I get to help them through it and put them on the path to a successful recovery. I give, where so many others and other activities take.

2. I make real connections with people.

I don’t just talk to people over the phone, I’m working with them individually, face-to-face. I get to have real conversations with them about what matters to them. I also listen when so many others don’t.

3. I feel valued.

I can’t tell you how many jobs I’ve worked where I just felt like a nuisance or like nothing I did was good enough. This isn’t just some job where I’m sure down the line someone benefits from the work that I’m doing, even though I can’t see it. I get to hear about and see it directly, during the session and after. Clients post on my Google Business page as well as my personal website about the work I do, and I have people all over the country (and world) who love my massage and what I do. There’s nothing more rewarding than that – knowing that you’re valued.

4. It varies from day-to-day!

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My work is different between each session as well as each and every day. No two days are the same, just like neither are two clients. Even though my style stays the same, the work I do for each session varies. Since I run my own business, I also have the opportunity of switching gears from doing the actual service, to creating marketing campaigns, client relations and management, laundry, cleaning, and other business and office tasks. Even if you work for someone else, your work will still change for each shift.

5. It's non-traditional healing

Traditional Western doctors spend an average of 10 minutes with each patient. TEN MINUTES! That seems crazy to me. How can you really get to know the patient and truly figure out what other underlying issues can be going on in ten minutes? And although I'm nowhere near doctor status - someone had to say it - I still get to help facilitate the healing process in your body. Luckily, massage therapy and other "alternative therapies" are becoming more well-known and receiving the much deserved recognition they should have been receiving for years. Healing through alternative therapies isn't a quick fix, but if followed consistently and in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise program, you'll experience long-lasting results, compared to having to go to your doctor once every month just to get prescribed another pill or have them not listen to you.

What do you love about being a Massage Therapist?

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