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Hip Mobility and Glute Stretches

For those of you who have had a massage from me, you'll probably remember that at the end of the session, I always make a point to go over stretching and at-home exercises with you. I can't stress enough how important these are. I can massage you every week, but unless you're stretching and doing at-home exercises, you're never going to experience lasting results - it's that simple.

Since you can't take me home with you, I wanted to share this video with you on hip and glute stretching so that you can practice these exercises on your own. Glute (aka butt) and hip stretching not only helps with those particular areas, but also with the lower back, which is a common complaint.

Make sure you hold the stretches for at least 30 seconds, although I've had some Physical Therapists even tell me 90 seconds. As always, work within your comfort zone, range of motion, and abilities. If something really hurts, and not a good hurt, then don't do it or talk to me about a modification.


(Video courtesy of GMB Fitness)

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