Motor Vehicle Accident

Being involved in an auto accident is only scary, but it’s also painful. I offer massage therapy for motor vehicle accident patients in Portland, Oregon and bill their insurance directly. If left untreated, car accidents can have wide-ranging effects on your body and can create problems for years to come. In Oregon, car insurance companies are required to pay for massage therapy for an auto accident.


Common treatments for pain or injuries from a car accident include prescription painkillers, which are not only highly addictive, but they also create many unpleasant symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, constipation, weight gain, and other gastrointestinal issues. Massage therapy is a great alternative treatment to release the tension in muscles and to help the body naturally realign after a motor vehicle accident. Issues with the neck, such as whiplash, and muscular strains along the spine are very common in motor vehicle accidents and can cause limited range of motion along with pain and discomfort.


When you book an Accident or Injury treatment with me, there will be some paperwork to fill out prior to your first session. We will do an in-depth intake so that I can understand how your body was impacted, and to create a customized treatment for the injuries you sustained. We will assess your current range of motion and pain through tests and a survey. Your massage will be tailored to address the areas where the accident caused muscular trauma. During your session, we will work to improve range of motion, decrease swelling, pain and stress, and improve circulation in the affected areas. I create a calm and inviting, stress-free place where we focus on you and your injuries and getting you back to optimal health. Talk with your doctor today about getting a prescription for massage therapy and book online today!