April 17, 2017

Although I've been practicing massage therapy for nearly 10 years now, it still astounds me to this day when clients do not want their face and scalp massaged, or when they say that other therapists have never massaged their face and scalp.  Now, some people just don't like their face and scalp touched, but many would rather have the time spent elsewhere.  But, in doing so, not only are you missing out on such a wonderful experience, you're also missing some pretty important benefits of face and scalp massage.


Ever wonder how some people have a forehead line?  It's because your face and scalp are covered with muscles.  As we age, we tend to raise our eyebrows more often, creating a line in our forehead where that muscle, the Epicranius Frontalis, is contracted. That muscle shares an attachment site with the Epicranius Occipitalis, which, if you ever get headaches, is usually the culprit.  It wraps around your skull from the top middle to the back of your neck and inse...

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