July 27, 2016

Many clients new to massage or those who haven't experienced one in a while often times ask me which massage they should choose.  The answer depends on many things, including what your goals are, any chronic conditions you may have, whether or not you're pregnant, and so on. 

For now though, let's go over the basic idea behind these three styles of massage - Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Therapeutic.

Swedish massages are generally what I advise clients to experience for their first massage ever.  It's very basic with longer, using light to firm pressure and long flowing strokes.  Swedish massage is the best option if your main goal is relaxation, to feel good, and to still receive the many benefits massage has to offer such as increasing your immune system, increasing serotonin levels, and helping with sleep. 

Deep tissue massages use firm to deep pressure depending on the area being worked, and are more meant for those with chronic conditions looking to ease their symptoms and...

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