Back Pain

Back pain can range in severity and is either in the acute stage – when a patient has just begun to have symptom – or the chronic stage – a patient has exhibited symptoms for months or even years. Back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, including a motor vehicle accident, improper lifting techniques, repetitive strain injuries, such as working at a desk and with computers on a daily basis, standing for long periods of time on hard floors, improper footwear, genetic factors, such as osteoarthritis in the lumbar or thoracic vertebrae, injuries, sciatica, spinal fusions in the lumbar or thoracic vertebra, tension, in the muscles, sprains, or strains, or tears in the muscles,  ligaments. I work with patients in Portland, Oregon and help them manage the symptoms, as well as figure out the cause of their pain (it it’s unknown). Together we work through postural assessments and techniques, stretching and strengthening exercises to help ease the symptoms or eradicate it altogether.

No matter what the cause of your back pain, receiving targeted massage therapy will help to address the pain you feel and will help to bring comfort to your life. Typical medical treatments include pain management such as prescription pain pills, cortisone injections, or surgery. Massage therapy has been shown effective in pain management and allows many to decrease or completely stop taking prescription pain pills altogether. Prescription painkillers are not only highly addictive, but they wreak havoc on the gastrointestinal tract, and can also cause irritability, fatigue, depression, weight gain, and much more.

The amount of relief you experience with massage therapy will depend on the cause, severity, and what stage you’re in. Call your doctor today to see if massage therapy is right for you. If you live in Oregon, your health insurance may cover massage. Call or book online today to see if massage therapy is right for you.